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The necessity of running depmod at boot time

Continuing on the goal of optimizing boot time, quite a number of
seconds (specially in old machines) can be saved by not running depmod
at boot time.

Currently it is run by these packages' postinst:
* kernel/linux-image-*
* module-init-tools
* powermgt-base
* zaptel
* lirc
* toshutils
* thinkpad-base
* rng-tools
* lm-sensors-*
* ipx
* evms
* dumputils
* debian-edu-config
* loop-aes-*
* pcmcia-modules-*
* pwc-modules-*
* ndiswrapper-modules-*
* linux-wlan-ng-modules-*
* spca5xx-modules-*
* kernel-pcmcia-modules-*
* hostap-modules-*
* alsa-modules-*
* pwc-modules-*
* linux-wlan-ng-modules-*
* ieee80211softmac-modules-*
* misdn-modules-*
* unionfs-modules-*

It looks like it's quite safe to stop running depmod during boot time,
since both new kernels and new modules run it at install time.  If
there are modules that don't run depmod on installation, they should
do it.

Opinions about this are welcome.


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