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Re: The necessity of running depmod at boot time

Margarita Manterola wrote:
> Currently it is run by these packages' postinst:
> * kernel/linux-image-*

This takes care to run depmod -F <system.map> <version>,
which should make the depmod work even though that kernel isn't running yet.

> * pwc-modules-*
> * ndiswrapper-modules-*
> * linux-wlan-ng-modules-*
> * spca5xx-modules-*
> * kernel-pcmcia-modules-*
> * hostap-modules-*
> * alsa-modules-*
> * pwc-modules-*
> * linux-wlan-ng-modules-*
> * ieee80211softmac-modules-*
> * misdn-modules-*
> * unionfs-modules-*

I've checked a few of these as well as dh_installmodules and none I've
checked bother with -F or the kernel version, so installing a new version
of the kernel, and then third party modules that use it, then rebooting
into the new kernel, will not make the modules available if the depmod
on boot is not run at least the first time booting a new kernel.

Of course, all of these could be fixed to run depmod correctly, although
adding that to dh_installmodules will require some way to determine the
kernel version the modules are built for.

see shy jo

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