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Re: gcc 4.1 or not

On Wed, 10 May 2006, Andreas Barth wrote:


there were some requests, e.g. by Martin Michlmayr to the release team
whether we could switch gcc to 4.1 or not for etch.  As we're heading to
freeze etch rather soon and also the RC bug count doesn't look too good,
and we want to be on time this time :), we think the switch to gcc 4.1
as default should only be made if not more than 20 packages become RC
buggy by it.  Also, the switch should happen latest 1.5 months prior to
freeze, that is Jun 15th.

The RC bug NMU policy also applies to such bugs, but please be
aware: Do not upload package until you make sure you don't break
anything. Please check also that you're not just disturbing a transition
(e.g. don't NMU packages in sid the day before they go to testing :).

I didn't hit this problem myself yet, but it has been mentioned on sparclinux list that 4.1 currently miscompiles the sparc kernel. It's, of course, not such a big deal, if 4.0 will still be present as a non-default.

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