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Re: Possible conflict with XFree 4.5

gustavo halperin dijo [Sat, Apr 29, 2006 at 09:46:09PM +0300]:
>     I don't understand your question: "why would you want to use XFree now?",
>    what do you mean.
>    Do you mean why not use X.org ??.
>    Any way the current XFree version in Debian stable is 4.3, this version is
>    to old for me. I have a
>    Toshiba laptop Portege R100 with trident Cyber Blade XP , with XFree 4.3 I
>    can use only vesa,
>    I really need to update X-server. Even now I'm thinking to update from
>    Xfree 4.5 to X.org last
>    revision ([1]X11R7.0) that looks like have fully support for my driver,
>    see [2]link.
>     Do you have any recommendation how to do it in the best way for my Debian
>    system ??

I suggest you to search for a backports repository - You can find some


There is no xorg 7.0 backport yet, and I fear it will not be easy to
add one (as the Debian xorg 7.0 introduced _major_ packaging changes,
if somebody puts up a backport it will probably be completely made
from scratch to behave as close as xfree 4.3 as possible).


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