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Re: Possible conflict with XFree 4.5

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
gustavo halperin dijo [Sun, Apr 16, 2006 at 01:40:42PM +0300]:
I think that we have a problem when the common library between XFree and 
/usr/lib are update in /usr/lib.
I currently have XFree  4.5, when the library libfontconfig1 was update 
to version 2.3.2-1 was also updated
the file  libfontconfig.so to the version 1.0.4 but in the XFree 
(/usr/X11R6/lib/) this library still be the version 1.
The problem came we we use programs like Gimp that must at least version 
1.0.2  of this library. I solve this
problem by link the libfontconfig in /usr/X11R6/lib to the newest 
library in /usr/lib. That is the solution or that
is a Bug in Debian System ??
I assume that you're installing XFree86 4.5 by yourself, since it wasn't
packaged for Debian.  In that case, local installation conflicts are
your problem to sort out.
I see,  you are absolutely right.  Thank you for you explanation.
Hmh... I'll jump in - Daniel's reply was probably on the wrong tone,
but the answer is perfectly right - When you choose a distribution
(like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSE or any other), you choose the
carefully crafted work of integration of thousands of packages. Of
course, for most packages you can decide to roll your own and live
with it - But in the case of X... Well, it's one of the packages in
which most other packages depend, and it's one of the least trivial
ones to get right. You can be almost sure that many things will break
if you prefer to use an X server not provided by Debian - So the
answer is right, why would you want to use XFree now?


 I don't understand your question: "why would you want to use XFree now?", what do you mean.
Do you mean why not use X.org ??.
Any way the current XFree version in Debian stable is 4.3, this version is to old for me. I have a
Toshiba laptop Portege R100 with trident Cyber Blade XP , with XFree 4.3 I can use only vesa,
I really need to update X-server. Even now I'm thinking to update from Xfree 4.5 to X.org last
revision (X11R7.0) that looks like have fully support for my driver, see link.
 Do you have any recommendation how to do it in the best way for my Debian system ??

  Thank you in advance,
        Gustavo Halperin

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