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Re: Wrong version in gconf2 dependencies

Le mercredi 26 avril 2006 à 09:14 -0700, Mike Bird a écrit :
> How else should I report this, if at all?
> In working on (unsupported) dist-upgrades from Ubuntu/Breezy
> to Debian/Etch I ran into a lot of failures due to missing
> gconf-schemas.  A lot of gnome software uses gconf-schemas
> in postinst but depends on gconf2 >= 2.10.1-2.  gconf-schemas
> seems to have arrived in gconf2 somewhat later than 2.10.1-2.


The gconf-schemas script appeared in 2.10.1-2 in Debian. However it
appeared in a later version in Ubuntu. Thus, the upgrade proceeds with
the gconf2 from Breezy which probably has a greater version.
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