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Re: screenshot with package description

(Sorry, forgot to post to list.)

On 4/27/06, Gonéri Le Bouder <goneri@rulezlan.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> On graphic software websites, in general the most visited page is the one with
> the screenshots because it give a good overview of the software.
> In general a screenshot is better that the limited description provided by the
> Debian control file.
> I think that tools like synaptic or Debian Installer should have an option to
> provided a screenshot or/and the project logo with the text description.

Good idea. Other Debian based distros have started with the project
logo, a screenshot feature would be nice.

>  * file access
> Pictures must be available without the installed packaged.
> Files access:
>   - network source: The screenshot can be available directly in the pool with
> the .deb files. It also possible to download a tarball[1] to reduct http/ftp
> request.

I would think maybe a command like 'apt-get screenshot <pkgname>'
would be good, so Synaptic/KPackage/etc. can have a 'show screenshot'
button which would execute apt-get screenshot and then display the
image from /var/lib/apt/screenshots/pkgname.jpg.

>   - other sources: The user download a tarball[1] when he add a new source and
> install it (e.g: /var/cache/apt/pixmaps)

That would be good as well, it would allow instant display of images
for every package.

> [1] We can split screenshots tarball to avoid a new download just for a little
> change. e.g: 26 tarballs of about 2M (or more), one per first letter of
> packages.
> Files size:
> There is about 2500 X11 based packages in Debian. This is an estimation of the

Where did you get that number from?

> global cost on the mirrors with different pictures size. One picture per
> packages.
>   jpg 200x150 8bit pictures: 8.5K => 21M
>   png 200x150 8bit pictures: 21K => 52.5M
>   jpg 400x300 8bit pictures: 30K => 75M
>   png 400x300 8bit pictures: 57K => 142M
> I don't think that it is a big problem.

Also depends on the compression level set. There could even be several
different sizes you could download by passing an option.

> Network consumption:
> Screenshoots will not change for every new release of a software. One update

Depends how major that new release is.

> or less per year is i think enough. If we split this archive and with cache
> mechanism we could reduct a lot the download.
> I suggest to have Pixmaps:" entry in the control file with the name of one or
> more screenshots or logo so we'll be able to have a same picture shared with
> different release of a package.

Yes. I would think though that the project logo could be included in
the package and screenshots downloaded externally.


> Regards,
>         Gonéri

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