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Re: Possible conflict with XFree 4.5

On Mon, 24 Apr 2006, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
gustavo halperin dijo [Sun, Apr 16, 2006 at 01:40:42PM +0300]:
I think that we have a problem when the common library between XFree and
/usr/lib are update in /usr/lib.

I assume that you're installing XFree86 4.5 by yourself, since it wasn't
packaged for Debian.  In that case, local installation conflicts are
your problem to sort out.

When you choose a distribution
(like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSE or any other), you choose the
carefully crafted work of integration of thousands of packages. Of
course, for most packages you can decide to roll your own and live
with it.

Aren't you supposed to have all files provided by the distribution in /{usr,var}/ and all local customizations in /{usr,var}/local/? At least this is what the FHS and the Debian infrastructure expect. Packages which use autotools install to /*/local/ by unless overriden; I would expect most other pieces of software follow this convention as well.

- But in the case of X... Well, it's one of the packages in
which most other packages depend, and it's one of the least trivial
ones to get right.

Well, actually it is one of _most_ portable ones. That is, if you don't look at the libraries but on how it works on the wire. X11 is supposed to negotiate the set of extensions supported by the server and the client and to degrade gracefully [1].
From my experiences, even in a vastly diverse IRIX/SunOS/PLD/Debian
environment, X11 is the only piece which continues to work flawlessly even where most basic things like curses fail. All thanks to the separation between the X server and X clients -- if you can install XFree4.5 in a way that it won't interfere with Debian libraries, I would expect it to work.

[1]. Unless things absolutely require a given extension, that is. This is sometimes the case with xcomposite and some OpenGL stuff.

- So the answer is right, why would you want to use XFree now?
I guess, he has unsupported hardware, ugly proprietary drivers, etc.

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