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Re: O: Gnus -- A versatile News and mailing list reader for Emacsen.

On 24 Apr 2006, Thomas Bushnell said:

> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
>> In this case, there have been deeply felt and vehement
>> protests for Debian removing a critical subset of the software
>> shipped with make/gnus, with people appealing to keep the code
>> together with the docs even if it meant removing the package to
>> non-free.  Upstream is strongly opposed to removing the non-free
>> documentation; to imply this is upstreams project (with a perhaps
>> unreleased version) seems deceptive to my eyes.
> It's free software.  They don't get to make those demands.

        No.  But there are user expectations, and when you talk about
 source package for Gnus, the assumption is that the orig,tar.gz comes
 from the FSF, and the debian changes are in the diff.gz.  There are
 debian specific changes to Gnus, and they do love in diff.gz -- apart
 from the documentation that we are ripping out, and the build system
 changes to reflect that.

>> Not acknowledging it in the package name, but pretending it is
>> just a new upstream version, bothers me.
> The version is not the only documentation.  The "dfsg" tag in
> version names means not "this is the upstream dfsg version", it
> means "this is the Debian-modified version, where the only
> modifications made were those we did to make the package meet the
> DFSG."

        Sorry, that string in the upstream version does not convey
 that to me at all. It makes me think that larsi released a second
 version compatible of the DFSG.

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