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Re: utnubu-desktop for the masses

Gustavo Franco wrote:
> Yes, that's a problem but i would like to see these metapackages only
> in sid, see below my purposes...

Hmm, my own experience with maintaining a package that never got out of
sid is that it's a waste of time..

> >  * Their all or nothing nature making it a pain to put them onto CDs,
> >    if any one semi-unimportant package doesn't fit the whole metapackage
> >    won't go on.
> I'm trying to address part of the divergence here, not promising that
> we will have the same solution ready to be released with Etch. You
> known, it's a wip thing and i've more things in mind for that. The
> fact is that i've talked with Otavio Salvador about a 'utnubu task' or
> something like that in the installer. I think it would depend on some
> infrastructure to the tasksel knows if he's into the installer itself
> and which image (netinst, ...), in a system already installed, ... .
> right?

No, tasksel does not need to know installation methods. I don't know why
it would matter anyway. Tasksel knows whether the contents of the task
are available or not based on apt.

Why do you want to call your task "utnubu desktop" and not just
"desktop"? Isn't the goal of the task to provide the best possible desktop
environment to the user? That's the same goal of the desktop task.

see shy jo

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