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Re: Re: utnubu-desktop for the masses

I'm interested in a "utnubu desktop/minimal/standard" now in sid so
you see my metapackage upload. With Etch, i would like to add a
"utnubu desktop task" yes, but as i pointed out above it seems that we
will need more than a simple task. I can help with code if -boot

What do you intend to add exactly? Would that task show by default, or what? If it doesn't, how will users get aware of its existence, so it can be useful?

Closing, i don't think we should discard utnubu-meta in sid now. It
would be a good test and will show us how much work needs to be done
in utnubu front until Etch.

What kind of work do you expect will need to be done in "utnubu front" until Etch?

Btw, i already received some 'off blog'
feedback from Ubuntu users that would like to move from Ubuntu Dapper
(that will be released in June) to Debian Sid back again. They're all
power users, of course.

When I saw your upload in NEW, I was curious, but looked at the ITP, and agreed that it could help migrate from Ubuntu to have metapackages ensuring that you get most packages you were used to in Ubuntu. But, if we don't expect this to transition to testing, what will be the use of providing these packages to sid users? I'm not saying that power users should denigrate the use of metapackages. I use for myself kde-core everytime I install Debian. But I can't imagine myself installing kde, which provides a ton of software I don't need, among which many which have similar functions. So, I couldn't imagine a sid user installing an even bigger monster with over 200 dependencies. At this point, rather add an --optional switch to tasksel. I agree with joeyh: if a sid user misses something to facilitate desktop installs, he'll want sane desktop task(s) (with possibly several levels of priorities), not utnubu tasks.

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