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Re: utnubu-desktop for the masses

David Nusinow wrote:
> I think a fundamental problem is that we're seeing is that tasksel hasn't
> generally been sold very well to anyone. I've tried myself to push it
> towards users in #debian, but immediately people hop up and cry out that
> it's crap, despite my protests. Whether it's ignorant bullshit or not, it's
> advertising like that which keeps people from using the software.

Most of tasksel's target audience are not aware that it's called
tasksel. The others know what it does and don't want to have to fiddle
with putting all the bits together themselves today or on that
particular machine.

> Given that aptitude already shows tasks in its browser, is there a way to
> make tasks integrate even better with the normal package lists? Is there
> some way to make tasks look just like a metapackage? If someone installed a
> hypothetical kde task by simply running "aptitude install kde" it might
> solve the problem. We could feasibly shift all the major metapackages to
> tasksel and do away with the problems you've mentioned. 

Most of the people who don't like tasksel are unhappy with anyone making
any choices for them, which is fundamentally contrary to the idea of
selecting a task. Unless Unbuntu makes the choices for them. I don't
know a solution to that problem, aside from becoming a multi-millionaire
and hiring my own marketing department.

> Just as a side-note to this discussion, I absolutely loathe the fact that X
> needs this.

That makes 2 of us. Make it go away and we can share a case of beer
instead of continually dealing with the mess it causes.

see shy jo

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