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Re: Debian Light Desktop - meta package

Christian Perrier wrote:

> Joey often raised an argument about novice users likely to be confused
> by a KDE/Gnome choice, not knowing the difference between both.

That is undoubtedly true for novice (as in "first time") users, but we
should realize that there is a large group of users that are experienced
enough to know what they want, but are not yet capable of doing manual
install with aptitude.

A good example of this is existence of (k)ubuntu. People like choice.

> I would vote against too much choices if we go this way,
> though. Probably if the multiple desktop environments suggestion is
> implemented, it should be restricted to four choices:
> -"I dont know"
> -KDE
> -Gnome
> -Light desktop

That could be a certain compromise, but I strongly suggest not naming it
"Light desktop". It simply is too general. Let us pretend we have not
seen the list of packages posted by André Luiz Rodrigues Ferreira. Now,
does any of them suddenly become cryptic?

Both Gnome and KDE are highly sophisticated desktop environments and are
both recognizable by name. You know what to expect from them. You know
both are heavy. But why should one particular selection of packages
become THE light desktop?

A custom selection of packages based on someones opinion is not a
desktop environment. It is a CDD.

> Offering too many choices would add much confusion and we have to
> remember that tasks are mostly targeted at novice users

Therefore I suggest doing this...

 - I don't know (both of them)
 - KDE desktop environment
 - Gnome desktop environment

...and leaving the specialized tasks for CDDs, because that is what they
are for, right?

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