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Re: Debian Light Desktop - meta package

Joey Hess wrote:

> If so, I would be happy to add this to tasksel, so that the desktop task
> automatically installs it if it detects a system that is not easily
> capable of running kde/gnome. Tasksel has the infrastructure needed to
> support doing this kind of thing, just a matter of finding appropriate
> heuristics to pick the right desktop variant in an unsuprising way.

No automatic detection can be 100% unsurprising, because it highly
depends on your expectations. I do realize that desktop task is not
targeted at experienced users, but this autodetection should at least be

I am sure this has been discussed many times, but one thing i would
really like to see in tasksel is:

 [X] Desktop environment
  [X] I do not know (automatic/default)
  [ ] KDE desktop environment
  [ ] GNOME desktop environment
  [ ] XFCE desktop environment
  [ ] $foo desktop environment

> I think this would be better than a meta package because it would be
> available in the regular install, and it would avoid some of the issues
> with meta packages.

Meta package or not, I do not consider "Light Desktop" a good name
because it is too general. A name like "XFCE desktop" would be way more

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