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Re: System users that receive mail in /var/mail/systemuser?

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Noah Meyerhans wrote:
Really?  I get spam addressed to ftp, cyrus (the Cyrus IMAP system),
postfix, apache, daemon, etc etc all the time.  Those are very common
user names, and (even better for the spammers) their mail is typically
aliased to a group of people.  They're probably in every spammers list
of dictionary words to try.

Still, though, even if I'd never expect legitimate mail to e.g. my
proftpd user, I'd certainly not want to automatically discard it.  I'd
prefer a default configuration that sent it to root, but that could
easily be overridden.

What you really want, is accepting all locally-generated mail to that user, and rejecting/discarding everything from the outside. However, there is a problem with what "outside" means.

Usually, that's just everything but localhost, but if smarthosts with no local mail are involved, things get messy.

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