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Re: idea for project machines

On Sun, 2006-03-26 at 00:48 -0500, Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> Laszlo said:
> >  I was in this situation some time already. But it isn't a solution to
> > get sudo apt-get install rights. Someone who may have a build-conflict
> > with your build-depends won't be happy if you install that package(s).
> > Also your build-depends may conflict with others build-depends and those
> > would be removed. Again a someone is not happy situation.
> All true.  But the current situation is similar.
 Not really, you miss a couple of points.

>   I may ask
> Mr. build-machine-admin to install package X that conflicts with
> package Y that someone else needs.  If Mr. admin is not aware
> that Y is currently in use, someone is unhappy.
 Would be true, but Mr. admin has his rights to check if the other user
is building his/her package or not. Mr. admin can even remember that
other user asked for these build-depends less than a week ago, so he can
choose to install your conflicting build-depends on an other buildd if
other is availble for that arch. Mr. admin can even make his decision on
the other user's dir contents. Does s/he still have that source package
under his/her account that needed the previous build-depends? If yes,
how long is it untouched by now? You won't know who installed those
build-dependencies and when or is it still needed or not.

> My suspicion is that this won't happen often enough to worry about.
 OK, I ACK that your way may be better for us. Let's try it on less used
arch and see if Mr. admin agrees.


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