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idea for project machines


Suppose you're a debian developer with limited time each week for
Debian.  You get a bug report because your package fails to build on
architecture X.  When you have your 2 hour window to sit down and fix
things, you log in to one of the project machines of the appropriate
architecture, apt-get your sources, chroot into sid, and discover that
one of the build-dependencies is missing.  There's no way to debug the
build problem: by the time you find the right address to email about
adding the build-dependency, your time window is up and the issue is
forgotten for another week or month.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply "sudo apt-get install ...."
yourself?  Is it feasible to have at least some of the sid chroots
allow this?  Alternatively, how about "sudo pbuilder login ..."?



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