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Re: shared libraries dependecy problem.

[Grzegorz Bizon]
> Linda complains that:
> W: tleenx2; A binary links against a library that is not depended on.
> (By the way - shoudn't it be error rather than warning ?)

No, because it's sometimes hard to fix and often harmless.  We don't
like it but "error" is too strong.

> I have checked binary with objdump and ldd and i got ... simillar but
> not the same results.

As others have already explained, ldd resolves recursive dependencies,
so it will usually give more output than 'objdump -p $f | grep NEEDED'.

The point is that you probably don't need to link to, e.g., -lX11,
unless you directly use functions like XOpenDisplay or XBeep.
Typically if you are using GTK, you won't be using any of those
low-level functions.

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