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Re: NEW queue backing up again -- ftpmasters, any explanation or comment?

On 10592 March 1977, Gustavo Franco wrote:

> If the ftpmasters are going to stop NEW processing for a while with or
> without a special criteria, they should inform us through d-d-a or the
> DPL if they think it will generate too much noise, like these threads.
> If they did that i'm yet to hear about.

Brr, there was no such decision, so no need to inform anything anywhere.

It was more a "try to not grow that fast for now, and try to remove
stuff when you add new things". That was after the archive growing
superfast in a very short timeframe, due to some multiple uploads of big
packages in a row.

The backlog in NEW is more from some timing problems I had.

bye Joerg
"Um eine schnelle Netzanbindung zu gewährleisten hat der Server eine
Realtek-Marken-Netzwerkkarte. Eine Realtek-Karte ist im Vergleich zu
billigeren Karten oft etwas leistungsstärker."

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