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Re: Bug#356241: FTBFS with G++ 4.1: no matching function for call to 'simplify_indexed(...

* Ben Hutchings <ben@decadentplace.org.uk> [2006-03-11 21:15]:
> > Maybe it would be more productive to calm down a bit and let
> > people play with that compiler a bit before making it the default.
> That's what we're doing.

Note that Ben has done a great job sending patches to the bugs I've
filed.  If we all work together, we *can* switch to 4.1 relatively

The current status of G++ 4.1 bugs can be seen at:


    * 76 Outstanding
    * 1 Forwarded
    * 1 Fixed in NMU
    * 2 Resolved
    * 3 From other Branch


    * 55 Patch Available
    * 21 Unclassified

Martin Michlmayr

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