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Re: conffile purging and maintainer scripts

Roger Leigh wrote:

> This updated version should cater for both the old and new behaviour.
> Any comments?

Maintainers using this should be aware that it will mistakenly delete
conffiles that have been converted to e.g., ucf configuration files.
This is, of course, unavoidable.

It will also delete any locally-installed configuration files, of
course. The following sequence of actions could be quite bad:

1. Locally install FOO, with its config file /etc/foo.conf. Maybe
because FOO isn't available in stable.

2. Someone packages FOO for Debian, with the config file /etc/foo.conf.

3. Debian package changes to using /etc/foo/foo.conf

4. Upgrade to stable+1, install Debian FOO package. Or install from
backport, whatever.

5. Decide you'd rather keep locally installed FOO, purge Debian FOO package.

Solution to this one is that admins should follow the FHS and put their
config files in /etc/local/ :-D

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