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Re: cross-compiling Debian packages

Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:

I have devoted some time cross-compiling a number of essential packages,
with glibc-based,
uclibc-based and dietlibc-based ARM and MIPS toolchains and found all of
that not a huge
problem at all, given that "debian/rules" is provisioned with proper
calls to --host (as described
by the earlier thread) and some extra tokens in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS for
passing uclibc and
diet specific CC modifications.

You may look at dpkg-cross ...

I did, and I'm using it, thanks:-)

What is the deal BTW with that new rewrite_dependencies (as of 1.26) producing bogus names with -dcv1 suffix? I had to comment 2 lines out of dpkg-cross script to make it work for libgpm for instance...

Also, would you welcome patches that add the ability to handle packages built with alternative libc implementations, namely uClibc, Dietlibc and Newlib? Shall I file a "bug" report?

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