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cross-compiling Debian packages

Hi everyone!

To continue the "./configure in debian/rules" thread...

Can anyone tell me what is the factual difference between a cross- and a native-build? I am aware only of an obvious limitation that a cross package build system can not rely on the cross-compiled binaries generated in the process (coreutils comes readily as
an example)...

So, why should the autoconf have this cross-compiling mode, when what is in fact needed is a way to let it still work despite the inability to execute built test programs?

For the rest, the gcc packages already provide us with the softlinks to the compilers needed for the native build. The only thing missing is the link from DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE to "." in /usr. Given this, almost all essential packages just build out of the box for both native
and cross builds equally well...

I have devoted some time cross-compiling a number of essential packages, with glibc-based, uclibc-based and dietlibc-based ARM and MIPS toolchains and found all of that not a huge problem at all, given that "debian/rules" is provisioned with proper calls to --host (as described by the earlier thread) and some extra tokens in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS for passing uclibc and
diet specific CC modifications.


Pjotr Kourzanov

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