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Re: cross-compiling Debian packages

> >
> >You may look at dpkg-cross ...
> I did, and I'm using it, thanks:-)
> What is the deal BTW with that new rewrite_dependencies (as of 1.26)
> producing bogus names with
> -dcv1 suffix? I had to comment 2 lines out of dpkg-cross script to make
> it work for libgpm for instance...

It's versioning logic. Older dpkg-cross used to have other default paths, 
so something should be done to avoid packages created by older dpkg-cross 
to satisfy dependences of packages created by newer dpkg-cross.

Do you mean it works incorrectly in some cases? If so, I'm interested in 
details ...

> Also, would you welcome patches that add the ability to handle packages
> built with alternative libc
> implementations, namely uClibc, Dietlibc and Newlib?

Your patches are welcome.

I thought that best way to handle other libc's is introducing other 
'architectures', like i386-uclibc. Then tools could just cross-compile for 
this 'architecture'.


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