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Re: For those who care about stable updates

ObIntro: I add my thanks to all the others'

On Thursday 09 March 2006 14:38, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> What's wrong with us ? I just read some messages with a "no Martin,
> can we revert it?", it seems that the default reply is "ok Martin, see
> you, thanks.".
> It's volunteer work, he's free to do whatever he wants and spend his
> time with more pleasant tasks, but when will we try to solve some of
> the real problems we have instead going through the easy way that is
> "ok, who's going to take that task?". It's clear that the new stable
> maintainer or group will have at least some of the current problems.
> Don't you care ?

I feel the 'when are we going to solve the real problems' have been 
discussed so many times before (ftpmasters, DSA, RM, security team perhaps, 
NEW queue processing, probably at least the last 4 DPL elections, ...).  
Always, at least some of the people involved have not joined the 
discussion.  As somebody who was involved in trying to solve such a problem 
without involving the affected people, I ask you to think again: what do 
you think would really change anything?  A solution that will work needs to 
involve the affected people.  A "solution" being worked out By The 
Masses(tm), involving heated flamewars etc. etc. will most certainly not 

It's sad, yes, but I think it's just the way people work.  Debian is a city 
now, not a village anymore - lots of people know lots of other people not 
very well or not at all.  This probably includes people in important 
functions, although the various face to face meetings have improved this in 
some areas.  Right now we're trying to cope with city problems using 
village methods - has not worked in the Real World, won't work in an online 

-- vbi
(I don't have sociological, economical or historical background at all, so 
the above is pure pub-level opinion utterance. YMMV.)

This bug is quite subtle and only happens in a very interesting
situation where a real-time threaded process is in the middle of a
coredump when someone whacks it with a SIGKILL.
        -- Bhavesh P. Davda, describing a Linux kernel bug

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