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Re: For those who care about stable updates

What's wrong with us ? I just read some messages with a "no Martin,
can we revert it?", it seems that the default reply is "ok Martin, see
you, thanks.".

It's volunteer work, he's free to do whatever he wants and spend his
time with more pleasant tasks, but when will we try to solve some of
the real problems we have instead going through the easy way that is
"ok, who's going to take that task?". It's clear that the new stable
maintainer or group will have at least some of the current problems.
Don't you care ?

It's just something more of the same as always, we're wasting
motivated human resources waiting someone come in and take over the
task. If you think that it's always easy to replace other person and
his work and that really motivated human resource is infinite, i'm
sorry but you're wrong. It's a wake up call and isn't the first, IMHO.

Closing, thanks for your valuable contribution to this project Martin.
Hopefully, i'll be around to see the day when we'll be cool with each
other and do more to reach our goal. What about a universal operating

-- stratus

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