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Re: debian developer

Hi, Mark...

On Friday 10 March 2006 15:27, Mark Walter wrote:
> I want to step in to be a debian developer.

Great to hear that.

> While processing the new maintainer's guide I need to cross checked
> boxes to apply.
> Two of them are not true for me at all and I can't apply as a developer
> :-(
> Here are the two point's:
> ***
> If you intend to package software, do you have a Debian package in the
> archive through a sponsor? And if you intend to do other things (e.g.
> port Debian to other architectures, help with documentation, Quality
> Assurance or Security), do you have experience in those things and have
> already participated in such activities for Debian?
> ***
> Has an existing Debian developer agreed to be an advocate and verify
> your application
> Here is my question:
> Can anybody help to me to satisfy the demand for the two point's as I'am
> interested to be a debian developer ?

Bear with me but your question sounds to me like "I have not yet 
contributed to Debian but rather have been a user and now want to become a 
DD as soon as possible". If you want to become a Debian Developer it's 
helpful (if not mandatory) that you are already "part of the community" in 
some way. Contributing to Debian doesn't necessarily mean you need to be a 
Debian Developer. You can maintain your own packages through a sponsor, 
provide help on alioth projects, provide patches for documentation, 
provide translations to further languages you may know or proofread 
translations, ... At some point you may want to do the uploads yourself 
(without the help of a sponsor), participate in votings and get access to 
Debian's machine park for testing. Then it's a good time to apply for 
developership. But it's not mandatory for contributions.

The more you already do for Debian the easier it is for you to become a 
Debian Developer. Even if you enter the so called "new maintainer's 
process" you will still need to show that you can e.g. maintain packages 
and have a good understanding of the gears inside. If you already have 
proof of such contributions - great. It will take time one way or the 

The second question about getting an advocate will probably be trivial once 
you work with a few people because they can easily decide that your skills 
are welcome to Debian. The advocate can only be someone who knows you 
(virtually). So you better ask them then.

I still mean that your contribution is mostly welcome. Just that the 
contribution and the fun of contributing itself should perhaps be more the 
center of attention than wearing fancy "I'm a DD" pants. If you get me. :)

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