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Re: debian developer


> Jump in and start doing something for Debian. Whether that is finding
> fixes for open bugs in our BTS that do not have patches yet, writing
> documentation, translating stuff that needs to be translated, or
> packaging software that needs to be packaged (or help package software
> where the maintainer asks for help), is up to you. You can ask on
> debian-mentors if you need more help (this isn't really a mailinglist
> for beginner-level questions relating to debian development;
> debian-mentors is)
> If you do this well enough, people you cooperate with (your sponsor,
> other translators, etc) will most likely be willing to advocate you.

ok, I understand this is the wrong list and I have now a good one, which
is debian-mentors. There's also a IRC channel so I will cope now on my own.

Thank's for you statement's I was subscribed to debian-devel and I
thought it's the right place to ask the question.

Sorry for being offtopic !

Best Regards,


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