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debian developer

Hi all,

I want to step in to be a debian developer.

While processing the new maintainer's guide I need to cross checked
boxes to apply. 

Two of them are not true for me at all and I can't apply as a developer :-(

Here are the two point's:

If you intend to package software, do you have a Debian package in the
archive through a sponsor? And if you intend to do other things (e.g.
port Debian to other architectures, help with documentation, Quality
Assurance or Security), do you have experience in those things and have
already participated in such activities for Debian?

Has an existing Debian developer agreed to be an advocate and verify
your application

Here is my question:

Can anybody help to me to satisfy the demand for the two point's as I'am
interested to be a debian developer ?

What can I do to arrive the point's mentioned above ?

Best Regards,


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