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conffile purging and maintainer scripts

Until last month, dpkg "forgot" about conffiles which were removed or
moved on package upgrade.  As a consequence, maintainers had to
remember to purge these conffiles "by hand" in the package postrm

1) sarge -> etch upgrades

In order to handle upgrades from sarge correctly, maintainers will
still have to manually remove conffiles in their maintainer scripts
until at least etch+1 by my reckoning.  Is this correct?

2) dpkg cruft

In addition to the conffiles, there may also be $conffile.dpkg-old,
$conffile.dpkg-new and $conffile.dpkg-dist (and other?) files as

Should these be purged along with their conffile?

Who bears the responsibility for purging these?

Does the new dpkg handle this? (It didn't seem to when I tried it.)
Should it?

Should maintainer scripts remove these in addition to the conffile
itself?  Currently, most maintainer scripts do not, with some removing
perhaps .dpkg-old only.  This is inconsistent, and it would be nice to
have some guidelines or recommendations about how maintainers should
handle conffile cleanup, so that maintainer scripts could do it more
reliably and uniformly.


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