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Re: How to contribute

On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 04:54:57PM +0100, Michael Rasmussen wrote:
> On 13-02-2006 15:49:02, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> >
> >If you are running Debian, use the reportbug tool to file a bug
> >against
> >"wnpp", type RFP and answer its questions. Or just send an email to
> >submit@bugs.debian.org, containing sth. like:
> >
> Maybe I was frasing it wrong:-) I have made an application which is not  
> part of the Debian repository and I would like to know how an  
> application can be part of the Debian repository?

That is exactly what Eduard told you how to achieve.

Note that "RFP" means "Request for packaging" which is the process for
getting something into the Debian archive.

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