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Re: For those who care about their packages in Ubuntu

[David Weinehall]
> Since all Ubuntu packages are recompiled against a different set of
> libraries, the bug might not even affect the Debian package, even though
> they share the same source.

The same can be said about Debian architectures, when the autobuilder
build the packages at different times and with different sequences,
leaving the same source package build with different libraries on
different archs in Debian.  I guess on a good day we might see Ubuntu
as another arch for the packages were the same source is used...

> Hence having Ubuntu developers triage the bugs to rule out such
> issues before they are forwarded to Debian's BTS is always a good
> thing;

Yes, this is generally a good idea. :)

> thus the maintainer field should be changed for *binary packages*.

This is probably a good idea, yes.  Personally I do not mind being the
"maintainer" of binary packages build from unmodified sources in
Ubuntu.  I'm do not have any problem with being listed as "maintainer"
for modified packages either, but would prefer people with ubuntu to
do triage before a bug is reported to BTS, to make sure the problem
isn't related to the ubuntu environment.

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