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Re: new mplayer 1.0pre7try2 package

I wrote:
>> Contrast rte, where the ftpmasters told Marillat exactly what he needed to 
>> remove to get the package in Debian, and he didn't do it, and declared that 
>> he would keep uploading it.  Leaving *that* in limbo is totally reasonable.

Christian Marillat wrote:
>I've *never* received any e-mail saying that.

Perhaps I have misinterpreted the following message from the bug
trail to bug 112699:

>From: Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org>
>To: Christian Marillat <marillat@free.fr>
>Cc: Joerg Jaspert <ftpmaster@debian.org>, 112699@bugs.debian.org
>Subject: Re: rte_0.4-0.0_i386.changes REJECTED
>Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 14:32:55 +0100
>On 10233 March 1977, Christian Marillat wrote:
>>> Yes, this is the reject of the rte package which was in NEW until now.
>>> Reasons:
>>> - It is an encoding thing, which encodes to formats which are patented, and
>>>   the patent holder are actually enforcing their patents. Found some
>>>   hits for this  with a little question to google.
>> Are you serious ? We have ffmpeg (and soon mencoder in the mplayer
>> package)in Debian who does exactly what rte does and rte can't enter
>> Debian ? ffmpeg should be removed then.
>Yes, ffmpeg encoding stuff shouldnt be there, and no, mplayer wont get
>in with mencoder included. I already talked with upstream about it, he
>will talk with Debian maintainer to exclude this thing, before we take a
>closer look at it.
>>> If this reasons are no longer true in the future feel free to
>>>  re-upload it, but for now it is out.
>> Done. I've uploaded 0.5.6-1
>As written above: ENCODING is still an issue and therefore at least one
>reason is still true. So dont hope too much it will get through.
>bye Joerg
>Die dümmsten Hähne haben die dicksten Eier.

I read this as "remove MPEG encoding and it will go in."  Don't you?

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

Read it and weep.

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