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Re: Backports

* Frank Küster [Thu, 19 Jan 2006 18:04:03 +0100]:

> The answer also depends on the understanding of "officially supported".
> By definition, backports are not part of a release and can never get the
> same level of support as a stable release gets, like upgrade tests (we
> already don't support upgrades from n-2 to n, we'll never be able to
> promise an upgrade path for arbitrary combinations of stable+backports).

  Related to this:

  18:01 <dato> nobse: well; IMHO a certain suite in ftp.debian.org needs the
               support that the project compromises to. e.g., Debian
               says "stable is security-supported, unstable is not", and
               "testing may lack packages at some point in time". nobody
               forces us to say "the 'backports' suite is supported by
               the Security Team", though it'd be good to say at least
               "security support 'backports' will happen by pulling the
               fixes from the testing or testing or unstable distributions"

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