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Bug#348775: general: terminal emulators' alternatives settings' priorities annoy users


On Wed, Jan 18, 2006, Simon Richter wrote:
> I'm unconvinced that bumping the priority on the other terminal
> emulators is an adequate solution, hence I'm opening this "general" bug
> for discussion on how to reflect individual users' choices properly.

 We had a similar problem for GNOME recently, but not on the terminal
 emulator front, it was with web browsers.

 Rationale: you don't want to see konqueror launched as the default
 browser in GNOME but you want GNOME to be integrated with Debian.

 The www-browser and x-www-browser alternatives provide an useful mean
 for classing browsers system-wide with a priority.
 The sensible-browser script is an useful entry point to launch the most
 suitable browser from the current environment.  sensible-browser will
 use the environment to guess what browser or alternative to launch
 (browsers in $BROWSER, x-www-browser, www-browser in xterm,

 It is simple to extend this scheme with:
 - gnome-www-browser for browsers with GNOME support (epiphany-browser,
   galeon, firefox-gnome-support, ...)
 - check for $DISPLAY and eg. $GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID in
   sensible-browser to decide to launch gnome-www-browser or default to

 These changes were commited in galeon and epiphany's SVN, the changes
 to sensible-browser and to firefox remain to be done.

 Of course, this could be followed for KDE too.

 Simon, would this help with the problem you mentionned?


Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>
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