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Re: Derived distributions and the Maintainer: field

Nathanael Nerode writes:
> Then the *source* packages can legitimately use the same Maintainer: field.

> If they are also compiled with a toolchain unchanged from Debian, the binaries 
> can legitimately have the same Maintainer: field as in Debian, because they 
> are essentially the same package.

> If not, the binary packages should have different Maintainer: fields

Personally, I have no objection to the Maintainer field remaining unchanged
when the source package is unchanged.

> For instance, debugging bugs in your package generated by a toolchain you
> don't have is obnoxious, frustrating, and a waste of time...

If building one of my packages with a well-chosen toolchain fails or
produces a buggy binary there is probably something wrong with it that will
eventually bite me and I'd like to know about it (in the form of a wishlist

> Ubuntu should be sorting out whether such problems are present in Debian
> before sending them to the Debian maintainer.

Ubuntu should certainly first try to make sure the problem is not theirs.
John Hasler

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