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Re: new mplayer 1.0pre7try2 package

On Thu, Jan 19, 2006 at 11:08:42AM +0100, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Eric Dorland]
> > This has probably been covered ad nauseum, but where do we stand in
> > respect to getting mplayer in Debian?
> [Nathanael Nerode]
> > IIRC, the copyright issues were carefully worked out and solved
> > after several years, finally reaching the approval of debian-legal.
> > At which point it went into the NEW queue, to be silently ignored
> > forever by the ftpmasters with no explanation.
> This is becoming an increasingly frequently asked question.  What
> about making a wiki page explaining the status with links to the
> debian-legal thread and other relevant info?  

MJ Ray's already done such a summary; it's rather trivially inadequate,
due to the information its summarising being equally inadequate.


> This way we would point
> people there to read the answer, and hopefully the ftpmasters might
> find useful information there too when they find time to make a
> decision?

Coming to a decision on inadequate information isn't particularly clever.

Seriously, if you want something useful to happen about this, *thoroughly*
investigate what's actually going on, with an open mind about the
possibility of coming to the conclusion that, eg, it's just too much of
a risk to include mplayer in Debian.


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