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Re: udev naming problems for eth*

Op do, 19-01-2006 te 00:11 +0100, schreef Davide Natalini:
> Marco, this is useful indeed, but the problem remains: in the debian 
> standard kernel the 8138too and 3c59x drivers are both modules, and both 
> are present in the initramfs.
> If they are loaded and get the kernel name before udev starts I have no 
> chances in renaming them, because the names are both token.
> I can imagine many hacks for solving the situation, but none of them is 
> clean nor standard.
> renaming the interfaces to something like "net*", for what I can see, 
> means that I have to reconfigure some packages by hand, and probably I 
> will have to do the same during the next upgrade.
> surely I can set up a script that removes the two modules, modprobe them 
> in the right order and restart the networking stuff, but that's not 
> really clean.
> or I could remove the 3c59x module from the initramfs, etc...
> maybe modifying mkinitramfs script to include udev in the initramfs 
> could help?
IIRC mkinitramfs already includes udev and copies your udev
configuration into the into to initramfs.

Greetings Arjan Oosting

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