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Re: udev naming problems for eth*

On Jan 19, Davide Natalini <tindal@katamail.com> wrote:

> maybe modifying mkinitramfs script to include udev in the initramfs 
> could help?
udev is already part of the initramfs, but its presence is not relevant.
The options are:
- use names which cannot be used by the kernel, or
- help me cleaning up and adapting to Debian the SuSE scripts which
  provide persistent names for network interfaces

> I did so with wy firewall, and now it can load the firmware for the usb 
> modem from within the initramfs, but I don't know if this could solve 
> this situation.
This reminds me that there should be a list of modules which MUST NOT be
added to the initramfs because loading them too early is both useless
and as in this case actively harmful.


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