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Re: udev naming problems for eth*

> beside the fact that I find useful to name eth0 the realtek and eth1 the 
> other, there is a casuality in the naming process that I cannot remove

If you want to avoid racing with the kernel then you should choose
stable names from another namespace than the one that the kernel uses.
Suggestion: Use 'eth_0' and 'eth_1' instead of 'eth0' and 'eth1'.

Md: Or is there something in udevd now that will prevent such races?

What I mean by 'races' are sequences like these:

   * Kernel creates eth0
   * Userspace notices eth0, looks at its properties, and...
   * Kernel creates eth1
   *              ...tries to rename it to 'eth1', but that name is taken

Thomas Hood

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