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Re: Does it sometimes happen that people send mails before NMU ?

On Mon, Jan 16, 2006 at 01:36:18PM +0100, Mike Hommey wrote:
> > > Fixing RC bugs just for the sake of making the RC bug count down is not
> > > the best thing to do IMHO. 
> > Putting a temporary fix in place while a permanent one continues to be
> > worked out is /exactly/ the right thing to do.
> Putting a fix that solves partially the problem so that we can say the
> RC bug is closed is not exactly the right thing to do.

If the problem's only partially solved, reopen the bug. If the partial
solution is enough to make it not-RC, downgrade it as well as reopen it.
If the partial solution is worse than doing nothing, make a new upload
reverting the change.

> The "right" temporary fix, then, would have been to remove *all* the test
> files.
> But the files listed in the RC bug have been removed, the RC bug is
> "fixed", the RC bug count going down, so everything is fine.

If you've got more information than is in the bug report, that's fine; add
it to the bug report, and do whatever else is appropriate to fix the problem.

Closing reports without fixing real bugs isn't "fine", but there's no
point I can see to moping about it on -devel -- especially when the bug
report didn't have all the information.


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