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Re: Does it sometimes happen that people send mails before NMU ?

On Mon, Jan 16, 2006 at 09:41:12AM +0100, Mike Hommey wrote:
> > Well, no, but the fact that it's a longstanding release-critical bug, with
> > no maintainer response, means that it does warrant NMUer attention.  If some
> > non-free files have been missed in the process, that would be bad, but that
> > doesn't seem to be a reason to not try?  Of course, it's your prerogative as
> > maintainer to review the contents of the NMU for correctness before
> > acknowledging the bug closure.
> Yes, it's my fault i didn't tag the bug or sent any feedback, but I'm
> actually trying to find a better solution than removing the files, with
> upstream cooperation, considering that upstream adds new testcases quite
> often, and that any addition is likely to have the same problem.

Then you should reopen the bug (or remove the fixed tag), retitle it
to "Previous non-free content should be reincluded under a free list"
and set the severity to wishlist.

Having an NMU that removes the files doesn't stop you from readding them
later when you and upstream have come to a conclusion.

> Fixing RC bugs just for the sake of making the RC bug count down is not
> the best thing to do IMHO. 

Putting a temporary fix in place while a permanent one continues to be
worked out is /exactly/ the right thing to do.


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