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Re: For those who care about lesbians

Russ Allbery writes:

> Er, I thought it was offensive because it was sexist, not because
> there's anything wrong with being lesbian.

Indeed. I think the point was a fine one, but the manner in which it was
presented -- and more importantly, the fact that people are blowing
right by that and arguing the point itself(!) as if this sort of thing
were entirely normative(!!) -- does not reflect well on any of us.

Nothing wrong with being offensive. Nothing wrong with arguing ad
hominem, I suppose, if that's one of your preferred recreational
activities, but take a minute to think about *how* the way you choose to
be offensive reflects on your values and by extension the values of all
of us as a whole. Maybe you are sexist, but be sexist on your own time.
Please. I'm sure at least a couple of us besides myself consider not
being sexist at least as important as not using non-free software.

This is very emphatically *not* an invitation for anyone to debate with
me whether or not it was sexist. Here's a bit of clue: no one outside of
our little debating society is going to bother to argue the point with
you either. They'll see their stereotype confirmed and they'll move on.

things change.

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