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Re: Development standards for unstable

* Christoph Berg <myon@debian.org> [2006-01-12 16:05]:
> Re: Thomas Viehmann in <[🔎] 43C66766.9000209@beamnet.de>
> > Really, how about just automatically[1] removing orphaned packages
> > without maintained rdepends from testing?
> Seconded.

I don't think it's such a great idea (at least not done by itself).
While the focus on testing is natural since this is what we release,
this proposal has the potential of leaving lots of cruft in unstable
You can remove packages from testing automatically but please *also*
mail debian-qa and propose removing the sources from unstable if this
makes sense.

I've regularly removed orphaned packages from unstable in the past but
I've been a bit busy with other work recently. If you, Thomas or
Christoph (or someone else), could help a hand, it would certainly be
Martin Michlmayr

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