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Re: Need for launchpad

Stephan Hermann dijo [Sun, Jan 08, 2006 at 11:25:28AM +0100]:
> > Which nobody except the Blessed Few (being those who have signed the NDA
> > allowing them access to the Launchpad code) can modify or enhance.
> Everything what is on https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/ is free to use. 
> Read and think again. Or use another example: Amazons code is not free to 
> see, but you can use the interfaces described in their developers documents, 
> same applies to google api.
> So where is the difference? Everybody is playing with public interfaces, where 
> the sourcecode is non-free. But nobody complains. Without google e.g., as a 
> free, but sourcecode-non-free service, most of the people here, even the cli 
> guys are lost.

The difference? I might use Google or Amazon for searching, might even
give them my money - But my work is more important. I am a
Google/Amazon _user_, but if we were to move to Launchpad, my role
would be quite different - I would become a producer. And not being
able to fully control what happens with the stuff I produce sucks -
even more after having such control and knowing the history of the
Free Software movement.

> Oh, I never signed an NDA, so I've never seen the code, actually I'm not 
> interested in the code, because if I have a problem with the result, I can 
> file bugs against this products, or bug the maintainers of the code in their 
> present irc channel :)

But you cannot directly fix a thing.

> Working alone in a dark, cold cellar, translating e.g. only 30 strings and not 
> knowing if someone else was translating this already, or using a webbrowser 
> and translating 30 strings, and see that other people are also translating?

Too many projects have offered what Launchpad is offering now. People
want more control than access to an interface and a decent API. People
want to be independent of the whims of whoever runs it. As it has been
stated before - Give us a launchpad we can install in .debian.org and
include in main (even if it defeats the centralized repository idea),
and it can become an option.

> Well, if I see the difference between 20 people working on one application and 
> translating them in less then 2 hours, or I'm sitting in a dark, cold cellar, 
> alone, only with vi, and translating 30 strings in 2 hours, what is more 
> worth for OSS or free software?

Free Software as a product or as a social movement?

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