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Re: packaging problem - no binary

[This is probably more appropriate for the debian-mentors list]

On Sun, Jan 08, 2006 at 05:47:32PM +0100, Daniel Knabl wrote:
> |dh_gencontrol
> |        dpkg-gencontrol -ldebian/changelog -isp
> |-Tdebian/vexim.substvars -Pdebian/vexim dpkg-gencontrol: error: control
> |file must have at least one binary package part dh_gencontrol: command
> |returned error code 65280 make: *** [binary-arch] Fehler 1
> maybe this happens, because the application exists of only php files and
> docu? Until now i was not able to find a solution for packaging this
> application.

While I can understand why the tools may not want to make packages
containing PHP files, I'm fairly sure there's any code in them to enforce
that.  <grin>

The term "binary package" in Debian parlance means, simply, "a package you
install on your system", whether or not it actually contains any binaries. 
What you're seeing there is a lack of a stanza in your debian/control file
describing any of these binary packages -- effectively, you haven't defined
any output for your packaging scripts, and the tools are getting confused.

I'd suggest using dh_make or similar to produce an example debian/
directory, or looking over an existing package with similar contents to see
how they do it.  My package 'irm' is PHP-based, and I don't recall too many
egregious warts in it.  Also you might be well-served by checking over some
of the resources listed in the FAQ for the debian-mentors list:

As for finding people to review your package, you *definitely* want to ask
in d-mentors.

- Matt

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