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Re: Re: packaging problem - no binary


this fixed my previous problem. that is good.
but now there is again a problem:

|dpkg-deb: baue Paket =BBvexim=AB in =BB../vexim_2.0.1-1_all.deb=AB.
|dpkg-deb: Conffile =BB/etc/exim4/vexim-acl-check-content.conf=AB kommt
|nicht im Paket vor dh_builddeb: command returned error code 512
|make: *** [binary-arch] Fehler 1

it seems there is no >>/etc/exim4/vexim-acl-check-content.conf<<,
although it really is there. any hints?


Florian Ragwitz offered himself as "sponsor"; i also have read this FAQ
and the instructions. nevertheless there are problems i have to face at
the beginning - as you might see ;-)

thank you

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