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Re: Need for launchpad

On Sun, 8 Jan 2006 16:39:20 +0100, Stephan Hermann <sh@sourcecode.de> said: 

> Sure, this implies that we have tools, where normal people can work
> with.  Normal people barley or never used cli tools.

        Way to go trying to get me to work for free on stuff you
 want -- by calling me a freak of nature.  What makes you think I am
 not normal?

> So, thinking about those people, we have to change some ways.

        And what is my incentive? What is my motivation for doing so?

> It means that even more people will find their way to contribute to
> free and open source software. Thinking about support, translations,
> ideas. Working for such a project like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora,
> Gentoo, you name it, doesn't mean only packaging, writing code or
> administrating something. The masses of the users are just using our
> systems to work in their office, their home, or whatever you can use
> our systems.  Those users will contribute back. And that should be
> the goal, contributions from the "outside world".

        Ah. I change my OS to something that I don't like so I attract
 even more people who do not think like me (and think I am abnormal)
 so they continue to change my OS in ways I did not like in the first
 place? Am I supposed to be stupid as well as abnormal?

> Well, we can't change the world totally, but avoiding a tool,
> because it's free, but non-free source, it's more a joke then
> anything else, because I had to avoid many of the services I need in
> my daily developers world.

        You may think of our social contract about keeping Debian 100%
 free, and not letting it depend on non-free stuff as a joke. That is
 certainly your prerogative. But I think trying to tell us our common
 cause is a joke, and we should change, is the height of hubris.

The only thing cheaper than hardware is talk.
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