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Re: Need for launchpad

Stephan Hermann, 2006-01-08 11:30:12 +0100 :

> Hehe...well, it's a matter of working behaviour. I never said, that
> working from the CLI is not faster or more productive
> sometimes. What I'm trying to say is, that this "arrogant elite
> thinking" must go away. 

  I don't see why the "poor oppressed non-elite" should have tools
they find easy to use and the "arrogant elite" shouldn't.  If my
not-quite-geek sister wants to use her web browser to translate stuff,
I don't see why she should be prevented from doing that, but then if
I, as an arrogant bastard, want to use my ~/bin-full of ugly shell,
Perl and awk scripts, why should I not be allowed to?

> We have to focus on what we all want, that is bring good software to
> the world.

  I'm not a member of this "we all" then.  I mainly want to have fun
and not feel bad about it afterwards.  I found Free Software to be
such an occupation.

> For that, we have to find a simple and usable solution, that
> everyone can work with. Not only the so called elite, or actually
> those people who think they are.

  Correct.  But also not only the people who can bear some kind of
interfaces such as web interfaces.  If such an interface is all I get,
then I cease to have fun, and I'm excluded from the process just as
much as my sister would be if the only interface were a set of awk

> If we are not thinking about the people, who can't handle the
> console, or are not able to fullfill simple tasks with the cli, for
> those people we need at least another way. If Debian never followed
> this example, well I think there wouldn't be a webinterface for
> Debian BTS at all and all the informations of debian on the webpage,
> we would find in gopher or txt files which i have to search with
> archie.

  Choice is good, we all agree on that.  So why do you want to
*restrict* the tools to *just* some web interface?

> To use a tool, I don't need a NDA.

  To use a tool, I often need to hack so it actually corresponds to my
needs (or just to fix bugs).  That means either a free tool or an

  Additionally, hacking a tool locally is easier than getting the
central tool administrator to apply a patch that may or may not please

Roland Mas

Twenty thousand balls, clubs, and rings.  How about yours?
European Juggling Convention -- Carvin, France.  http://ejc2004.org

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