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Re: dependencies on makedev

Matthew Garrett wrote:

> Indeed. Editing plain text configuration files has never been the Unix
> way, and vi certainly isn't a standard unix tool.

I think the right question for him to ask is, "what ever happened to the
 unix way?"

chmod, chown, etc. are all simple tools that do one job and do it well.
If I want to change the group of /dev/hdc to "foo" from its current
"cdrom", it is _very_ self-evident how to do that with chgrp.

Now, since my system actually runs udev, let's figure out how to do it
with vim... First, I take a look at /etc/udev.d. I see a udev.conf as
well as a bunch of other files. Open it up, nothing there. So next I go
look at rules.d (after trying to figure out where there is a rules.d as
well as a bunch of .rules files; aparently a less-clean version of
apache2's foo-available/foo-enabled. Should probably fix this. Whishlist
bug filed.) Next, it looks like you edit 020_permissions.rules (or
rather the file it is symlinked to). Maybe you change this line:

ENV{ID_CDROM}=="?*",                            GROUP="cdrom"


ENV{ID_CDROM}=="?*", KERNEL!="hdc"              GROUP="cdrom"

but I'm not sure.

I like udev overall (after all, I'm running it), however, this is
definitely not one of its strong points. It fails to keep simple things

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